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American Bully XL – The Ultimate Guide to the Most Popular Puppy

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American Bully

This new breed was created to preserve the Pitbull’s beautiful exterior while removing undesirable traits such as dog aggression and prey drive.


The American bully XL puppy simply refers to the most prominent American Bully. It is the fourth type of American Bully.


Number 1: Pocket American Bullies. They measure between 14-17 inches at the wither (which equates to between 35-43 cm).


Number 2: Standard American Bullies, with a height between 17 and 20 inches (which equals 43 to 50cm)


Number 3: Classic American Bullies are approximately the same size as Standard bullies but with a more petite frame.


The fourth variant is the XL lilac tri-American bully. These bullies are more significant than the standard version. They can reach 20 to 23 inches (or 51 to 57 cm at the withers) and 19 to 22 inches (or 48 to 54cm).


XL Champagne American bully American bully XL price have similar body types and looks according to breed standards. The XL can weigh between 38 and 68kg or between 80 and 150 lbs.


To conform to breed standards, however, XL American Bullies must be of reasonable build and height and have the temperament to be the kind of family friend the American Bully was initially bred to become.


Why Is The American Bully XL So Popular?

Dog lovers worldwide love the American Bully XL and other American Bully breeds for a variety of reasons. Although they have only been around for a few decades, this breed is a favorite of celebrities and dog owners every day.


The XL Pitbull for sale in Missouri is already a popular breed, so it is no surprise that the American Bully will inherit the traits that make them such loving pets.


It is an excellent guard dog, which is one of its best traits. Their loyalty to their families is fantastic.