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The American bully breed was derived from the PitBull terrier

American Bully Kennel

This breed enhanced the best qualities of the pitbull, protective, loyal, affectionate while loosing the aggressive behavior of the pitbull. The American Bully Kennel Club was the first to recognize bullies.


There are four sizes of lilac tri American bully. The smallest size, but with a lot of muscle, is called pocket size. The next size is a standard. Then an extreme and finally an XL Bully.


What Is A Bully?


Two distinct breeds of dog are the Pitbull and American Bully. The American bully XL puppy was born in the United States between 1980-1990. It is the result of an American Staffordshire terrier and American Pitbull Terriers.


The pocket-size is the smallest size. Although the classic size is the same as the standard size, it resembles the American Pitbull Terrier. The Extreme is the same height as the classic but with double the muscle.


The last is the XL, which is a larger version of the bully’s Extreme size. Since their recognition, they have been trendy.


Bullies Make Great Family Pets And Are Wonderful Companions

Although their muscular, bold bodies may make it seem like an aggressive breed, the XL Pitbull for sale in Missouri is a happy, affection-filled, and cheerful dog. You can expect a lot of attention and a considerable affection giver from them.


They are known to be a playful, caring and adaptable breed. This makes them a great addition to families with young children.


This breed is known for being patient and gentle with children, so it’s an excellent choice to bring into your home. They are a loyal breed and make a great family pet.

How to Pick Up Your Bully Puppy?

Suppose you are within driving distance of our facility for XL Champagne American bully American bully XL price and wish to pick up your puppy in person.


In that case, we will make arrangements to have you arrive at our facility at a set time and date you can plan. All paperwork and health records are included with your puppy.